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Born and raised on the water, in a family of artists, on the East Coast, it’s no surprise Kent is an avid outdoorsman, artist, and photographer.  Kent’s artistic success is visible in his work being collected at personal and corporate levels, numerous exhibitions in Marlin Magazine’s art gallery, and being a regularly featured artist for Maverick Boat Company. He has also worked with tournaments and conservation organizations such as The Bonefish Tarpon Trust and Coastal Conservation Association where his art is a vehicle for fundraising.


Kent’s work captures the action and excitement surrounding his subject matter through explosions of color and texture. His technical process combines photographs of coastal subjects captured on camera while fishing, which are painted digitally and traditionally using a variety of mediums and techniques. In Kent’s studio art, he uses a palette knife to add depth and texture with an opaque sculpture polymer for stunning details with iridescent, metallic, and acrylic paint. Each of his hand-signed paintings is a unique, a one-of-a-kind, work of art capturing the energy and vibrancy of his subject matter.  Kent and his family reside in Vero Beach.

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