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Coming from a lineage of diverse East Coast artists, she began developing her artistic voice at an early age. Surrounded by these creative influences, she solidified her artistic process by fusing her background in studio art and graphic design with marine biology, forming her passion for painting marine wildlife and coastal subjects.


Her dynamic and vibrant imagery landed her numerous commissions in hospitality and public art spaces including a painting series for Bimini Big Game Club and a 3-D suspended mobile for Unity Real Estate Partners 60 ft. atrium in their office complex located in Charleston, SC.  Over the past 20 years, her passion for coastal wetlands resulted in multiple partnerships with conservation organizations. She was  commissioned by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to develop a painting series inspiring and educating their members about conservation and habitat recovery.  

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Wesley works in acrylic and mixed media, utilizing transparent layers of colors, glazes, and textures to capture the subtle play of light on water and her subject matter. The result is striking, her fine-tuned balance of abstraction and realism allows the viewer to fully experience the vibrant dynamic landscapes of which she loves.   



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